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Trina Swerdlow, CCHT

199 E. Linda Mesa, Ste. 4
Danville, CA 94526

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Trina Swerdlow is a certified clinical hypnotherapist. She is not a nurse or a physician. Offering hypnotherapy services in California is a certified credential that can be alternative or complementary to licensed healing arts, such as psychotherapy.

All testimonials appearing on this site reflect real life experiences of those who have used our services or products. These testimonials, and all professional endorsements for our services or products, were volunteered by the makers without an offer of compensation. The results referred to in these testimonials are individual results and results do vary. We make no claims that the individual results are typical results that all clients will achieve. Goal-reaching success is often related to a client’s motivation level to consistently utilize our tools or products and follow the suggested guidelines.

Six Scary Facts to Inspire You to Quit Smoking
Great Reasons to Stop Smoking
Trina's Comprehensive: Smoking Cessation Program
A Client's Success Story
How to Avoid Gaining Weight After Quitting Smoking
Imagine Yourself Smoke Free!

Six Scary Facts to Inspire You to Quit Smoking

1. Someone dies of a tobacco-related illness every 10 seconds.1
2. Cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals that include arsenic, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, lead, and hydrogen cyanide (a lethal gas used in gas chambers).1
3. Smokers who switch to lower nicotine cigarettes inhale more often and deeper—which results in receiving the same amount of the drug.1
4. Over 400,000 people die of tobacco-related illnesses in the United States each year (more deaths than from auto accidents, AIDS, fire, illegal drugs, alcohol, suicides, and homicides combined).1
5. Secondhand smoke (environmental tobacco smoke) causes between 150,000 and 300,000 annual cases of pneumonia or bronchitis in children 18 months and younger.2
6. A cigarette is the only consumer product that kills its consumer when it is used as directed.3

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Great Reasons to Stop Smoking

After you stop smoking, health benefits begin in minutes:

  • Your sense of smell returns and food tastes better.
  • Your blood pressure and heart rate drop 20 minutes after quitting.
  • Your carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal after 12 hours.
  • Your lung function and circulation improve within 2 to 12 weeks of quitting.
  • Your shortness of breath and coughing decrease one to 9 months after quitting.
  • Your risk of heart disease drops to half the risk of a smoker—one year after you quit."4

Trina's Comprehensive: Smoking Cessation Program

Customized for your needs, Trina's Comprehensive Smoking Cessation Program includes the use of gentle hypnotherapy and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Hypnotherapy is a way to relax and calm your mind, body, and emotions. From this deeply relaxed state, through hypnotherapy you will be guided to increase your willpower to quit smoking and decrease your cravings for cigarettes.

EFT is another cutting-edge tool to assist you in overcoming your smoking habit. EFT connects with your acupuncture meridian points—without the use of needles. During EFT, the meridians are gently stimulated through tapping with the fingers. EFT is used to clear blocks in the energy system that may be fueling destructive emotions and behaviors. It's simple and easy to use.

What this Smoking Cessation Program Includes

  • A customized, step-by-step strategy to stop smoking
  • Private sessions with Trina to learn self-hypnosis and EFT (so you can use these tools on your own)
  • Daily support from Trina via phone or email (during "quit week")
  • A personal plan to CELEBRATE your daily victories!

The customized strategies in your Smoking Cessation Program will work with your schedule and address your specific needs. Before quitting smoking, Trina suggests that you receive feedback from your medical doctor. Your doctor may suggest that you combine using nicotine gum or patches as part of your stop smoking strategy.

In your Smoking Cessation Program, you'll have the opportunity to see Trina for sessions to simply "prepare yourself" to quit smoking. For example, at least two preparatory sessions are recommended before you set your "quit smoking date." That way, you will have time to develop your skills and confidence in using the stop smoking tools, before you actually quit.

“I smoked 20-30 cigarettes a day for 32 years and was the really 'chemically addicted' type of smoker. I’d tried everything to quit—gum, patches...but was convinced I did not have the willpower to ‘overcome the beast.’ My allergist referred me to Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trina Swerdlow, for help in quitting. Trina provided me with four great tools to achieve my victory over nicotine.

First and foremost were the visits under hypnotherapy to important places deep inside myself. In this very relaxed state, I reconnected with those in my life who have loved me the most. Those experiences alone were worth the fee—never mind the smoking issue!! This inner work provided me a source of courage to stand up to my addiction and to nurture the health-loving and smoke-free person inside of me.

Second was a self-hypnosis tape to use at home so I could revisit the empowering thoughts and refocus my courage. This tape was very helpful in the first and second week after quitting when cravings were at their worst.

Third was the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that included tapping an acupuncture meridian point while at the same time verbalizing the self-belief that I am healthy and stronger than nicotine.

Fourth, Trina made herself available by phone and e-mail the first week for once a day, 'in-the-moment,' moral support and encouragement. Likewise, in our first strategizing session, we identified several close friends of mine who could also offer support. Positive feedback works!

My allergist recently showed me that, since quitting smoking, my lung function is normal again and has improved 30% from when I smoked. I feel so much better now! And, just a few months after quitting, I am biking up Mount Diablo—something I could not have dreamed of awhile back.

Finally, if I can win this lifelong struggle with Trina’s help…so can you!”


How to Avoid Gaining Weight After Quitting Smoking

Like many people, if you are worried about gaining weight during or after the stop smoking process, then check out Trina's Weight Loss CDs. The relaxing self-hypnosis tracks on these two CDs can help to increase your willpower (to avoid emotional eating) and help to lower any stress-related anxiety.

Imagine Yourself Smoke Free!

Now, are you even more motivated to consider quitting smoking? If so, imagine yourself smoke free and receiving the benefits listed earlier: Your sense of smell returns and food tastes better, your blood pressure and heart rate drop 20 minutes after quitting, your lung function and circulation will improve within 2 to 12 weeks of quitting, your shortness of breath and coughing will decrease one to 9 months after quitting, and your risk of heart disease will drop to half the risk of a smoker—one year after you quit.4

Call Trina today to schedule your free, 15-minute consultation and get on the path toward greater health—you and your loved ones will be glad you did!
(925) 285-5759

1Tobacco Survivors United
2US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
3World Health Organization
4American Cancer Society

copyright © 2008 Trina Swerdlow